Maasai Intergrated Livelihoods Advancement Project

The Maasai Integrated Livelihoods Advancement Project is aimed at enabling access to water
and energy saving technologies by the Maasai communities in Arusha. It’s a One
year project funded by ADRA Germany and Erbacher Foundation.

#maasai Women bear it all but ADRA is out to relieve them
COVID-19 PANDEMIC!!!! That’s the reality with the Maasai people here in Monduli
district, Arusha region, Tanzania. ADRA Tanzania with support from ADRA Germany
and Erbacher Foundation is implementing a 1 year project in the district that
among others will provide water to over 150 households and an estimated
population of 3000 animals including cattle, sheep, goats and donkey. In the
photograph blow, the village chairman of Shakave sub village in Mserani
demonstrates how the women dig holes in a dry, old, silted water dam to see if
they could find water. It was painful for me to listen to the stories when I
have grown up in communities where water is wasted. Sometimes the women dig
several holes and find nothing for the whole day. Water is 7 km away,
accessible by foot whereby women and girls carry it on their heads using 20L
gallons. A few families own a donkey to help with carrying water. ADRA serves
humanity so all may live as God intended. Thank you ADRA Germany and partners
for the support. Thank you