Maasai ILAP Project
Photo shows ADRA staff, Monduli district officials(RUWASA Team), Mbuyuni village leaders, Njaro residents during the handover ceremony of the Maasai ILAP Project. Which was held on March 23 at Njaro sub-village where the water Dam was constructed.
ARCT Project
The Agronomist explaining how to grow the seeds they are about to be given free(Mchicha,Kunde,Bamia(okra)

Early Cancer Detection Saves Lives

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Women bear it all but ADRA is out to relieve them

The Maasai Integrated Livelihoods Advancement Project is aimed at enabling access to water and energy saving technologies by the Maasai communities in Arusha. Read More

ADRA is changing the world through a range of programs and initiatives in four key impact areas