Emergency Response

Responding to disasters and providing relief to communities is a powerful part of the work that ADRA does. ADRA’s global presence and ability to preposition emergency resources allow us to respond immediately.

ADRA Tanzania’s emergency management includes short-term life saving, long-term and resilience building programs. For short-term assistance, ADRA acts to relieve immediate emergency needs including shelter, clothing, food medical treatment and education. After the immediate needs are covered, ADRA Tanzania supports rehabilitation and long-term development programmes including disaster risk reduction and mitigation depending on availability of funds. ADRA Tanzania works closely with the worldwide ADRA Network, Government of Tanzania, UNHCR, Tanzania Red Cross and other actors, and in Tanzania, ADRA is recognized as a significant actor in emergency management and recovery programs and is a member of the National Emergency Coordination Operation Centre (NECOC). ADRA Tanzania also registered its support for The International Committee of Red Cross and Red Crescent’s Code of Conduct for Disaster Response Programs and works to implement projects according to the SPHERE standards and Core Humanitarian Standards.